Add pools

Добавление новых пулов возможно только после регистрации и авторизации

List of pool URLs (each on a new line)

List of cryptocurrency trading symbols (separated by comma):

Pool engine:

The pools you add go through a verification process and when possible, can be supplemented with data. That will take some time. After passing moderation pools will be available for viewing in the general list.


1) In the box you can add one pool URL and many trading symbols (separated by commas), which support the pool. Or you may add many pool URLs (each on a new line) and one trading symbol for these pools .

2) Verification can take from a couple of minutes to a week, depending on the availability of the moderator.

3) After moderator verification of pools added on p2pool platform, you will see data on pool capacity, the number of workers and fees (if the pools are active and the API is not disabled)

4) After verification of pools added on mpos platform, you will see the data from public API (if not disabled and the pool is active). On an interval of 3-7 days the pool allows sign up and we get a personal API key. After that there are extended data available about the pool (payment method, fees etc. if the pool shares the data)

5) For pools on other platforms and multipools no data is collected (perhaps temporarily)

6) Data collection from p2pool and mpos pools takes place every hour. If the pool does not share any information he is moved to the "List of pools from which no data is collected" with all the rest on other engines.

7) The "List of pools from which no data is collected" contains decent pools on engines other than p2pool and mpos, but unfortunately we are not able to collect data from them.

8) Choose Multipool only if the pool provides automatic switching of mining coins without changing settings on the miner and one registration on multipool website allows mining the full list of coins