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25 June 2014 02:53

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Indacoin supports 5 trading pairs for exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Supported languages:English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese. Exchange website domain Indacoin Registered 21.05.2013. Has affiliate program

What is traded on Indacoin

Currencies:Bitcoin (BTC)USDLitecoin (LTC)LibrexCoin (LXC)Ethereum (ETH)
Total 5 crurrencies and cryptocurrencies available for trading on the exchange website Indacoin

Pairs:Bitcoin (BTC)USD Litecoin (LTC)Bitcoin (BTC) Litecoin (LTC)USD LibrexCoin (LXC)USD Ethereum (ETH)USD
Total 5 trading pairs

Dollar Euro Ruble Yuan Bitcoin Litecoin All other

Current exchange rates from Indacoin

Pair Exchange rate % (24h.) V 24h(BTC) V%(24h.)
BTC/USD 4400 0 0 0
ETH/USD 500 0 0 0
LTC/BTC 0.006 0 0 0
LTC/USD 94.9999 0 0 0
LXC/USD 1 0 0 0

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